Are Pizza Places Open On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s that awesome time for fam, buddies, and yup, scrumptious grub. But what if you’re just not in the mood to cook? Ever thought, “Hey, are pizza joints open on Turkey Day?” – ’cause honestly, who doesn’t love a good slice?

I got your back on this one. Let’s dive in and see if grabbing a pizza pie on this killer day is a go or a no. Let’s chat about which pizza places might be flipping their open sign on Thanksgiving Day.

Got Take-Out?

Always on the hunt for the lazy way out of Thanksgiving dinner? Hey, no judgment. Sometimes you just gotta take out. But, hey, are the pizza places even open?

Here’s the deal: loads of pizza joints are slinging pies on Thanksgiving. But, here’s the 411. Before you dash out or hit that order button, double-check the joint’s hours. No one wants to be the sad sap without their slice, right?

And oh, think about the whole safety dance – masks, touch-free payments, and whatever other stuff they’ve got going on.

If you hit a wall? Why not whip up your own slice? Grab some stuff from the kitchen, throw it together, and boom – homemade pizza. Whatever you do, Thanksgiving’s gonna be a blast with some yummy eats.

What’s The Delivery Deets?

Alright, so maybe not every pizza place is open, but a bunch of them have those sweet deals and gift cards up for grabs.

Some big names are throwing in perks for the early birds – discounts, freebies, and all that jazz. Want to save some bucks and still munch on your fave pizza? Score!

Gift cards? Yep, they’re the bomb. Snag one for yourself (or, ya know, gift one). So when the turkey’s all gone, there’s still some tasty grub on the horizon.

If you’re thinking, “I’m getting that pizza delivered”, just a heads up: make sure your local spot is actually doing deliveries. Some might be take-out only. But hey, with a lil’ prep, pizza on Thanksgiving? Totally doable.

Which Pizza Giants Are Up and Running?


Alright, so I’m on a mission. I wanna know what’s up with Domino’s, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving.

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Like, does Domino’s deliver? Are Little Caesars throwing in some wicked deals? Is Papa John’s all about that online order? And is Pizza Hut even open?

Would be cool to know what each pizza giant’s got cooking on Thanksgiving. Gotta figure out where to get my pizza fix.


No way! Domino’s is in for the Thanksgiving game? Sweet!

You can deck out your pie with all those toppings you’re craving or snag some of their holiday specials.

They’ve got a ton – whether you’re all about that plain cheese or something wild like spicy Italian Sausage and Peppers or Spinach & Feta.

And don’t even get me started on their sides and desserts. Drool-worthy, right?

With Domino’s, kick back, relax, and let someone else do the hard work on one of the craziest days of the year!

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is another big-name pizza spot that’s open for business on Thanksgiving. They’ve got tons of cool ways to save some bucks.

They don’t just have deals every now and then, but you can also snag some sweet holiday discounts if you order on the web or from their app.

Want to jazz up your pizza? Throw on your fave toppings and guess what? They won’t charge you extra. Score!

Oh, and there’s more. They’ve got a bunch of sides and desserts too – think garlic breadsticks and cinnamon sticks.

With Little Caesars, you’re bound to find something that hits the spot without breaking the bank. So, why not save some cash and still munch on something delish this Thanksgiving?

Local Pizzerias Open On Thanksgiving

While the big pizza names are doing their thing on Thanksgiving, local pizza joints are dishing out something a bit special for the holiday. Most of these places are family-run and they’re all about serving up some mouth-watering Italian grub with a touch of class. And guess what? A lot of them whip up special menus just for Turkey Day, so you’re in for more than just a regular ol’ slice of pizza.

Local pizza places aren’t only about the food; they’re top spots to hang with pals or fam. Expect stellar service from folks who really know their stuff, and some might even throw in some tunes or entertainment to keep things lively.

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Feel like going out with the crew or just craving a quick bite? Hitting up a local pizza place on Thanksgiving is a no-brainer. It’s a fab way to treat yo’self and still feel all thankful and stuff!

Restaurants Serving Up Thanksgiving Goodies


Everyone knows Thanksgiving’s the day to chow down and have a blast with loved ones. Wanna dine out? Loads of places are open on Thanksgiving Day and serving up the good old holiday grub.

Nowadays, many pizza places also have take-out options so you can snag your fave slice from the comfort of your home. For those wanting a complete break from the kitchen, heaps of spots are dishing out the Thanksgiving classics like roast turkey, mashed taters, stuffing, cranberry stuff, and more. Best bit? Many of these places can prep your feast for pick-up or even bring it to your door.

So, whether you’re chilling at home or on the move, you won’t miss out on the big Thanksgiving chow down! Whatever you’re into – from Italian yumminess to Chinese treats – there’s probably a place that’s got something special for the festive season.

Do a quick online menu check to see what’s on offer and definitely book ahead ‘cause places can get packed. After that, just gather your crew, get comfy, and get ready for a night filled with good vibes and great food!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pre-Book a Pizza for Thanksgiving?

Absolutely! You can totally pre-book a pizza for Thanksgiving.

Lots of takeaway places let you order in advance so you’ve got your grub sorted when you want it.

That means you can chow down on pizza during the holidays without the hassle of hunting down an open joint or standing in crazy lines.

Planning a big get-together or just chilling by yourself? Pre-ordering might just be your jam.


Any Pizza Joints Giving Discounts for Thanksgiving Orders?

Want to save some bucks on your Thanksgiving pizza? Better see what deals the pizza places are cooking up.

Loads of them have cool deals if you’re buying a ton of pizzas or even just grabbing one – so don’t miss out. Peek at their offers before you hit that order button.

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It’s usually a breeze to find this stuff online or even in-store, which makes the whole thing way easier and quicker.


Got Vegan/Veggie Pizzas for Thanksgiving?

Hunting for vegan or veggie pizzas this Thanksgiving? There’s a whole bunch to pick from.

Loads of pizza joints offer takeaway and delivery, so you can score your fav veggie-loaded pizza no matter where you’re chilling.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita with all-natural sauce and vegan cheese, or feeling fancy with something like kale pesto and roasted veggies, there’s something for everyone.

No stressing about missing out on the good stuff just ’cause you’re off meat!


Special Thanksgiving Pizza Toppings, Anyone?

Fancy some special toppings for your Thanksgiving pizza? You’re in luck!

Pizza places are serving up some festive toppings that are just right for the holidays. Think stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more!

You could even ask them if they’ve got special Thanksgiving pizzas with goodies like turkey and mashed potatoes on top.

And don’t forget about sides like sweet potato casserole or green beans – they’d be wicked on a pizza!

Whatever your vibe, you’re gonna have a blast munching with your crew.


Gluten-Free Pizza for Thanksgiving?


Heck yeah, you can grab gluten-free pizzas for Thanksgiving!

Lots of places do late-night deliveries with special holiday pizzas on their menu.

Craving classic Thanksgiving vibes or maybe something wild like a pumpkin Alfredo pizza? You’re covered.

If you’re living that gluten-free life, just double-check with the place before ordering so you’re clear on what they’ve got.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, getting pizza for Thanksgiving is a no-brainer. Even if some pizza spots are shut on the day, you can snag your pizza earlier or get it dropped off at your place.

If you’re on the hunt for something different, there’s discounts, vegan/veggie choices, and gluten-free options out there, so everyone gets their slice of yum.

Don’t lose heart – a little digging and you’re all set for some pizza magic this Thanksgiving!