Can You Air Fry Pizza

Hey everyone!

I bet you’ve heard about air frying – the newest hot thing in kitchen gadgets. But ever thought if you can actually whip up a pizza in one?

Well, no more guessing! In this article, we’re gonna dive into everything you wanna know about making a tasty pizza in an air fryer. We’ll chat about what kinds of pizzas work best and how to get that crust just right.

So let’s jump in!

What’s An Air Fryer?


Lately, I’ve been hearing tons about air fryers and how you can use ’em to cook all sorts of yummy meals, pizza included! But before you get all excited and start cooking, it’s key to know what an air fryer is and why it’s cool to use one.

An air fryer is basically a kitchen gadget that cooks your food by blowing hot air around it. This makes the outside of whatever you’re cooking crispy without needing a ton of oil or fat like with old-school deep frying.

Besides being a healthier choice than deep frying, there’s a bunch of other perks to using an air fryer. For one, they cook food fast and even, so everything tastes better. Also, you won’t end up with a greasy kitchen since you’re using less oil.

And for safety, a lot of the new models have temp controls so you don’t need to stress about burning yourself or your grub.

So if you’re on the hunt for a way to make fried foods but wanna keep it healthier than the usual frying, an air fryer could be just the ticket! With quick cooking and lower-calorie meals, this gadget could totally be a must-have in any home cook’s kitchen.

What Kind Of Pizza Works Best In An Air Fryer?

Okay, now that you’re up to speed on what an air fryer is, let’s gab about the best kind of pizza to air fry.

Getting the dough right is crucial for an awesome air-fried pizza. Using store-bought dough or making your own and tossing some cornmeal on it will get you a nice crispy crust.

Be smart with your toppings too. Don’t pile on too much stuff or else you might get flare-ups and uneven cooking in your air fryer. Keep it chill; just the right amount of cheese, pepperoni, and whatever else you like, so it all cooks up nice and even.

Before you throw your pizza into the air fryer, brush some olive oil on top and give it a quick spray once it’s all topped up. This helps get it crispy and adds some killer flavor!

If you’re using a thicker crust, cut the slices smaller to make sure they cook all the way. And keep an eye on it – it usually takes just 5-7 minutes till it’s golden!

What’s not to love? Air fried pizzas are quickly becoming a go-to for busy folks who want fast, tasty meals – and you don’t even have to heat up your kitchen with an oven!

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Tips For Nailing That Pizza Crust In An Air Fryer

I can’t wait to try making pizza in my air fryer! Getting the dough right is step one, so I aim for a top-notch pizza dough.

Picking the right temp on the air fryer is key – I usually go for 375-400 degrees. I also make sure to warm it up for a couple minutes before tossing in the pizza.

Timing’s a big deal if you want that crust perfect, so keep an eye on the clock and tweak the time if you need to. It generally takes around 8-12 minutes to get the crust just how you like it.

With these easy tips, I’m sure I can nail the perfect pizza crust in my air fryer!

Dough Prep

Getting the ideal pizza crust in an air fryer kicks off with solid dough.

Making dough might seem scary, but it’s actually a piece of cake!

First off, make sure your dough feels just right. It should be a bit sticky and spring back when you poke it; if it feels dry, add a bit more water or oil till it feels good.

To let your dough rise and get all fluffy, cover it with some plastic wrap and let it chill for about half an hour. This lets the yeast do its thing and helps your crust turn out crunchy and tasty.

Last step, roll out your dough on a surface with a little flour so it cooks even in the air fryer!

There you go! I hope this more informal version of your article helps.

Setting Temperature


Once your dough is good to go, time to dial in that heat!

The trick is to find that sweet spot between heat and airflow so your pizza crust cooks all nice and even.

When you’re warming up your air fryer, tweak the temp knob ’til it hits somewhere between 350°F and 400°F.

This makes sure you won’t get any cold patches on your pizza, messing up your crust.

Don’t forget, how long you cook it depends on how thick or thin you like your crust, so keep an eye on it and tweak as you go.

Keep this stuff in mind, and you’ll nail that pizza every time without even touching an oven!


Once you’ve nailed the temp, let’s get cooking!

Based on how big your slices are and how you like your crust, a small pizza usually needs about 8-12 minutes. A bigger one might need up to 15 minutes, so keep checking it while it’s in the air fryer.

Also, remember the more stuff you pile on, the longer it’ll take for all those yummy bits to cook.

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But if everything goes as planned, you should be munching on a perfectly cooked pizza with crunchy edges in no time—yum!

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Pizza In An Air Fryer

I can’t wait to show you how easy-peasy it is to whip up a pizza in an air fryer! You just need some basic stuff and a little know-how about baking.

First up, get that air fryer nice and hot—the temp could be anywhere from 350°F to 400°F depending on what kinda crust you’re into.

Once it’s all heated, give your pizza dough a quick spray or brush with cooking oil or something like olive oil or coconut oil. Toss the dough into the basket and let it cook for about 8 minutes or until it looks golden.

Next, pull it out and pile on whatever toppings you’re craving like cheese, pepperoni, ‘shrooms, you name it.

Then chuck the loaded pizza back into the air fryer and let it go for another 3-4 minutes till everything melts and blends.

And boom, you’re done! Making killer pizzas in an air fryer takes barely any effort and time but always turns out awesome.

So next time you wanna wow someone with homemade pizza, remember, an air fryer could be your ace in the hole for making killer pies!

Troubleshooting Common Air Fryer Pizza Issues

So you probably know making pizza in an air fryer can get a bit wonky. If you’re aiming for crispy edges and spot-on toppings, here are a few hacks you might wanna think about.

One biggie for nailing air fryer pizza is to give it a bit more time than you’d usually give it in an oven or a regular fryer. This helps make sure everything gets cooked just right—from the crust to all the goodies on top.

You also gotta make sure to warm up your air fryer before throwing in any food. This gets you that perfect heat all around, making your pizzas come out crunchy and even. Plus, have all your stuff ready to go so you can toss them into the basket fast once it’s hot.

Last but not least, if you’ve got a loaded pizza, maybe dial down the heat a smidge so you don’t end up with burnt edges while waiting for the middle to catch up.

With these easy tricks, you’ll be cranking out awesome air fryer pizzas like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Air Fry Pizza?


It only takes like ten minutes to air fry a pizza, whether you’re going with homemade dough or store-bought crust.

First, get your air fryer warmed up to 350°F.

Then put a single layer of the ready crust in the basket and let it cook for 8–10 minutes till it’s golden brown and crispy.

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If you’re whipping up a thicker crust with homemade dough, toss in an extra 2–3 minutes to the cooking time.

Keep an eye out—it can go from perfectly done to burnt real fast!

Can You Reheat Air Fried Pizza?

Yep, you can totally reheat air fried pizza! It’s an awesome way to munch on leftovers from last night.

The go-to cooking temp when reheating is 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-7 minutes.

If you’re thinking about freezing your air fryer pizza, it’ll stay good in an airtight container or wrap for up to a month.

Just make sure to thaw and heat it up all the way if it’s frozen.


Can You Put Any Type Of Toppings On Air Fryer Pizza?

When it comes to air fryer pizza, you can go wild with the toppings! Whether piling on cheese or picking a dough that you like, the options are limitless.

You can even go artsy and try mixing up different flavors for something totally unique. Just watch how much stuff you’re piling on so you don’t jam up the pizza in the air fryer!

Is Air Fryer Pizza Healthier Than Oven-Baked Pizza?


When we talk about making pizza, a lot of folks think about the oven-baked kind with a crispy crust. But is air fryer pizza better for you than the old-school kind?

Short answer, yep! Since you don’t need as much oil in an air fryer as you do in an oven, your pizza will be less fatty and fewer calories. Plus, if you’re using frozen crusts or freezing your own pizzas, you won’t even need any extra oil!

All things considered, air frying is a healthier choice for pizza fans everywhere.

Can You Use Store-Bought Pizza Dough For Air Fryer Pizza?

Yep, you can use store-bought pizza dough for air frying.

But if the dough’s been in the fridge or freezer, let it sit at room temp before popping it in the air fryer.

Also, getting the cooking temps right is key with air frying, so double-check your oven dial and make sure the food gets to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

If temps aren’t your thing, maybe grab a decent kitchen thermometer to make sure everything’s cooking right!


So yeah, you can definitely air fry pizza! It’s a cool way to have tasty pizza without firing up the oven.

Whether you’re after that classic crispy crust or just want a meal that’s quick and simple, air frying your go-to pies will be a hit with everyone.

Plus, it’s better for you than oven-baked pizza, so no need to stress about taste while still loading up on your fave toppings.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead – give it a whirl and whip up some yummy homemade pizza in the air fryer today!