Does Blaze Pizza Deliver

Hey there! Craving some pizza goodness?

Don’t sweat it, Blaze Pizza is your go-to spot. They whip up super quick pizzas that are all about fresh stuff and they nail it every time.

And yeah, they bring it right to ya! Let’s dive into how chill it is to order from Blaze Pizza and get your fave pie dropped off at your crib.

What’s The Delivery Scoop At Blaze Pizza?


Oh, for sure, Blaze Pizza delivers! Just hit up their website or app, and boom – pizza’s on its way. Perfect for when you’re swamped or just can’t be bothered to step out.

But hey, if you’re feeling a drive or walk, they’re cool with pickups too. And if you’re tapping into their online scene, they’ve got some sweet deals and a points thing – buy some, get points, score freebies later.

They keep dropping some mad deals on their menu items too. So, Blaze Pizza is pretty much your best bet whether you’re chilling at home or just want something tasty on the go without the fuss.

With delivery and pickups, it’s all good whichever way you roll.

How’s Their Delivery Game?

So, Blaze Pizza? Yup, they deliver. They got you covered in tons of places so you can munch on their pizzas, couch-potato style.

Quick lowdown on their delivery drill – most of the time, you’re looking at 30-45 minutes. But hey, sometimes stuff happens – like they’re slammed or the weather’s wack. So, maybe keep some wiggle room time-wise.

Wondering about where they deliver? They’re all over the US. Pop in your zip code on their site. Or if you’re vibing with apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats, you can go that route.

If you’re getting food sent over, just have your deets (address, phone, y’know) ready. Makes things a breeze.

Bottom line? Blaze Pizza’s delivery game is solid. Fast deliveries, and they’re reaching out all over the place. Anyone and everyone can grab a slice of that pizza magic!

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How Do I Get My Pizza Rolling To Me?

Ordering up a delivery from Blaze Pizza? Piece of cake! Hit them up on their website or app, and you’re golden.

And guess what? You can stalk – I mean, track – your order the whole way. So you know when that box of yum is close.

Picked out what you’re craving? Cool, now just choose ‘Pickup’ or ‘Delivery’ when you’re paying. Fill in where you’re at and how you’re paying – they take most cards and PayPal, so it’s all smooth.

Once you’ve sent that order through, they let you know how long it’ll be. They’ll even buzz you when the driver’s heading out. It’s all pretty slick.

Are There Any Extra Bucks For Delivery?


Yep, Blaze Pizza’s got your back on delivery. Want to get your fave pizza without leaving your couch or desk? Just hop onto our site or app, check if we drop by your place, and place that order.

Usually, your pizza should knock on your door in about 20 minutes. But hey, it depends on how far you are from the store. When you’re getting that order ready online, they’ll ask you for your card details and stuff. Don’t stress, we keep it all safe and sound, then zap it over to the store to get your order rolling.

Just a heads up: sometimes there might be some extra bucks for deliveries that are a bit out there. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know before you confirm everything so you can think about it.

Oh, and if the pizza dude is late? We got you. You could get back up to half of what you paid if we goofed up, just give us a reasonable time after you placed the order to sort it out.

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Why’s Getting Pizza from Blaze Delivered So Cool?

Well, the biggest win? It’s super chill. No need to ditch your PJs and head out when you’re craving some Blaze goodness. Order up, and we’ll get it to your front door. Perfect for those nights when you can’t even think about stepping out, or if you hate waiting in lines. We feel you!

Another sweet thing? It’s a total time-saver. Why fuss around in the kitchen when you can have the pizza of your dreams come to you, and in like, less than 30 mins? So, even if you’re swamped, you won’t miss out on pizza night!

Oh, and when you order from Blaze, you get to play chef. Go wild on the customization. Want gluten-free, vegan cheese, or an overload of pepperoni? Click a few buttons, and boom, your perfect pizza is on its way. Plus, everyone can get their own thing, so no fighting over slices!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Usually Take for Blaze Pizza to Get to Your Place?

Delivery from Blaze Pizza? Usually about 30 minutes, but it can vary based on what you order.

Whether you’re getting a simple cheese pizza or going all out with some wild toppings, expect your pizza in about half an hour or so.

So if you and your buddies are in the mood for some killer pies like the Red Vine or The Art Lover’s, Blaze Pizza is where it’s at for speedy deliveries!

Does Blaze Pizza Do Contactless Delivery?


Totally! Blaze Pizza does the whole contactless delivery thing. So you won’t have to get too close to the driver or anything.

It’s easy peasy. Just pay online using the contactless pay and they handle everything else.

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Oh, and no sneaky delivery charges – it’s all in when you order from Blaze Pizza!

Is There a Minimum Order When You Want Delivery?

Yep, Blaze Pizza has a minimum order for delivery. Depending on where you’re at, you might have to spend anywhere from $10-$20 to get food to your place.

Delivery charges can change too, depending on stuff like how far you are and what time you’re ordering. So, when you’re ordering online, make sure there aren’t any extra fees lurking around.

Got Any Deals for Deliveries?

Sure thing! There are discounts when you get delivery.

You can keep an eye on your order to know when it’s coming, and get heads up on how it’s doing.

Blaze Pizza’s got loads of ways to order – online or their app, whether you’re picking up or getting it delivered.

And hey, if you sign up for their rewards thing, you get all these cool deals and points which make pizza nights even more epic!

Extra Charges for Deliveries That Are Super Far?

Yeah, there are extra charges if you’re out of their usual delivery zone.

Each store’s got its own delivery range, so it’s a good idea to check with your nearby Blaze Pizza before you order.

If you’re kinda far, expect a longer wait time too.

But hey, some stores might have deals or even free delivery if you’re in their main area – doesn’t hurt to ask!


Bottom line, Blaze Pizza rocks for delivery. Super-fast, contactless delivery means pizza in a jiffy without stepping out.

No weird minimums or charges for being too far. And hey, they often have deals for delivery, so keep an eye out for those!

So if you’re all about getting a tasty pizza dropped off at your place, Blaze Pizza’s got you covered. Enjoy!