How Many Pizza For 20 Adults

Planning a pizza party for 20 pals can be a real headache. Trying to nail down just how many pizzas you’ll need is enough to make anyone go cross-eyed! If you’re feeling swamped, chill out – I’ve got your back.

In this chat, we’re gonna go over the best way to nail down exactly how much pizza you gotta have to fill up your friends and keep ’em smiling. From guessing how much each person’s gonna scarf down, to figuring out what toppings everyone’s gonna dig, there are loads of things that go into deciding how much pizza you gotta have.

Keep on reading, and I’ll walk you through it all so your party’s a hit!

Estimating How Much to Serve


When it comes to throwing a bash for 20 pals, pizza’s always a winner. It’s a cinch to make, and there are so many kinds of toppings that everyone can find something they’ll love. Plus, with a crowd like this, you don’t gotta worry about anyone feeling left out!

To make sure there’s enough grub for everyone without going overboard or running out at the end of the night, my go-to rule is one medium-sized pizza for every two folks – so 10 pizzas should cover it in this case. If your buddies tend to eat more than most, or if you want extra goodies like breadsticks, wings, etc., I’d say grab another 2-3 pizzas to be on the safe side.

And since everybody’s probably got their own fave toppings, think about going halfsies with plain cheese pizzas and half custom pies – that way no matter what toppings someone’s craving, they can whip up their own perfect slice with whatever’s on hand.

Picking the Toppings

I think we can all agree that figuring out how much pizza to grab for 20 friends is a tough job. The trick is splitting up the servings and picking the right kind of crusts. We’ve gotta make sure there’s enough variety so everyone’s happy and nobody’s left hanging.

First, let’s chop up the number of people into smaller groups so it’s simpler to nail down how many pizzas we’ll need. For example, if you’ve got 4 big pizzas that feed 8-10 each, then split your group of 20 by 8 or 10 depending on what size you pick. This’ll help us figure out just how many pizzas to get and clue us in on the different toppings we’ll need too.

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Next, think about what kinds of crusts you can get – thin, thick, gluten-free, you name it. You might even wanna ask everyone what they like!

Once you’ve settled on the type(s) you wanna go with, pick how much per pizza based on how many slices are in each size from the place you’re ordering from. That way everybody’s got enough to munch on and enjoys the party more than ever!

Figuring Out How Many Pizzas

When you’re ordering pizza for a big group, especially one as large as 20 friends, you’ve gotta watch the portions. That way everyone gets enough to eat without ordering more than you need.

Got any vegetarians or folks with special diets? Keep that in mind when figuring out how many pizzas to get. You might wanna plan ahead and get an extra pizza or two that fits their needs.

The usual rule is that each adult will gobble up about 1-2 slices; this means that if everyone’s pretty much the same, then 10-20 medium pizzas should do it. But if some of your pals like big portions, you might wanna grab at least 2-3 more just in case they’re still hungry after a slice or two.

In general, aim for 3-4 slices per person when you’re feeding this crowd – nobody wants to go home hungry! That comes out to around 25-30 total pies depending on how big a slice your friends want – so be sure to keep that in mind before you order.

Thinking About the Bucks for the Pizza


When you’re planning for 20 friends, picking the right number of pizzas matters. To make sure everyone’s full, it’s smart to plan on three big pizza pies per person. This’ll give everyone about two slices and still have some left if anyone wants more.

But don’t forget, you’ve gotta think about the money when buying pizza for this many folks. Check the prices between your local pizza places – some spots might cut you a deal depending on how many pizzas you’re getting, or throw in special offers on toppings or drinks. Keeping tabs on portions can help keep costs in check; going with a bunch of smaller pizzas instead of a few big ones might save you a bit.

If you’re trying to save some dough but don’t want anyone to go hungry, think about getting creative and adding different things like sandwiches and salads with the pizzas. That way there’s something for everyone without having to blow your budget!

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Ordering Tips for Getting the Most Pizza Bang for Your Buck

When you’re getting pizza for a big group of twenty folks, you’ve got to think about a few things: how thick the dough is, how to divide it up so everyone gets enough, and how to do it all without breaking the bank.

You’ll want to make sure the dough’s not so thin that it gets all soggy or chewy when it’s cooked. And hey, if some folks like a thicker crust, you can go for that too.

Also, cutting the pizzas into smaller slices means no leftovers and no waste, and everyone still gets plenty to munch on.

Mixing it up with different kinds of pizzas and all sorts of toppings is a cool way to make everyone happy without having to order a ton of large pizzas. It gives everyone more choices, and smaller groups can try something new. Who knows, you might even find some new favorites!

And don’t forget, knowing how much grub you’ll need from the get-go keeps you from running back and forth to the restaurant, saving time and avoiding a headache.

So with these tips, getting pizza can be a fun thing instead of a stress fest. By taking charge from the start and thinking ahead, you’ll get just the right amount for everyone to dig in and enjoy a tasty meal together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep Leftover Pizza from Going Bad?



Putting away leftover pizza might seem hard, but pick the right kind of dough and the right serving trays, and you’ll nail it!

If you’ve got a classic crust like thin or thick pan-style, make sure you wrap each slice in foil before you stick it in the fridge.

You could also keep a whole pizza on a big plate or chopping board and just cover it with plastic wrap (or grab one of those containers made just for this).

Got deep dish pizza leftovers? Just chuck any slices left into sealed containers and pop them in the fridge.

And hey, if you don’t mind losing a bit of crunch, you can chuck them in the freezer – but make sure they’re wrapped up good and tight so they don’t get all frostbitten.

What’s The Top Pizza Pick for Lots of People?

When you need to pick the right pizza for a big crowd, you can’t mess up with either thin crust or deep dish.

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Thin crust is a winner if your folks are into something a bit lighter and don’t want heaps left over, while deep dish gives you big, hearty slices that’ll fill everyone up.

Both types let you put on loads of different toppings, so everyone can get their slice just how they like it.

How Much Pizza Do I Need for Just 10 People?

Need to grab pizza for just 10 people? Think about how much everyone will munch and don’t forget the dips.

You’ll probably want two or three pizzas, depending on how hungry everyone is. Try to get a mix of flavors to keep everyone happy.

Everyone should get at least one piece, and make sure you’ve got spares if anyone’s still peckish.

And hey, don’t skip the dips! Get some ranch, marinara, and garlic butter for anyone who likes a bit of extra zing.

What Toppings Do People Usually Go For?


Picking pizza toppings can be a pain, especially with a big group.

The usual suspects are pepperoni and cheese, but why not spice it up with something different like mushrooms or pineapple?

How much dough you’ll need for each pizza might change depending on how big your slices are.

No matter what toppings you go for, make sure there’s something for everyone!

Is It Cheaper to Whip Up My Own Pizzas?

Making your own pizzas at home can save you some cash, especially if there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Think about it if you want to save on takeout.

You need the right stuff, but you can do it with just a few things from the shop.

Plus, making your own pizzas is a blast!


Ordering pizza for a big crowd like 20 grown-ups? Just plan it out.

Think about what toppings will make everyone happy, and maybe go half-and-half on flavors if folks can’t agree.

Getting enough so everyone gets at least two slices usually does the trick, just as long as no one goes too wild!

If you want to save some cash, making your own pizzas is a great idea.

You’ll be in charge of what goes on them, and you won’t have to worry about running low during the bash.

Just make sure you’ve got enough ovens or give yourself lots of time before the shindig to get everything cooked up right!