How Many Pizzas For 40 People

Throwing a party for 40 folks might seem like a huge job. You gotta make sure there’s enough chow for everyone to fill up on and have a good time. Pizza is usually a big hit, but figuring out how much to order can be a puzzle.

In this piece, I’m going to spell out just how many pizzas you’ll want for your big shindig! Birthday bash or just a good excuse to chill with friends, having enough pizza is what counts.

From nailing the right amount of pies to making sure no slice goes uneaten – follow these hints to make sure there’s plenty of tasty stuff at your party!

Figuring Out How Much Pizza You’ll Need


So you’re looking to slice up enough for 40 people? I’d say you should grab 8 pizzas. That should cover it if you want to make sure everyone gets their share without going broke. And hey, with this crowd, you’ll probably have leftovers!

When you’re thinking about your budget, don’t just look at the pizza size but also the toppings or any special stuff you want on them. And think about whether you want to order from one joint or a few – sometimes you get deals when you order a bunch, and that can save you some cash.

All in all, eight pizzas should be more than plenty for 40 folks without emptying your wallet. Plan carefully, think about sizes, and look for deals, and you can serve up awesome pizza without breaking the bank.

Picking Out Pizza Toppings

Now that you’ve got a handle on how much pizza you need, it’s time to think about what’s going on top.

You want to make sure there’s something for everyone, so mix it up with stuff like pepperoni, cheese, sausage, and mushrooms. And don’t leave out the vegan pals! Maybe even toss in some unique toppings like zucchini or eggplant.

If you’ve got meat lovers and vegans coming, make sure you’ve got an even split so nobody feels left out.

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It’s smart to ask if anyone’s allergic to anything ahead of time so you can sort them out. And it’s a nice touch to have pizzas with just red sauce or just white sauce, in case someone’s picky.

Just a little planning and thoughtfulness, and everyone will feel included and leave with a full belly and a smile!

Getting the Pizza Sizes Right

We all know pizza’s a big favorite for groups, but feeding 40 people? You want to get the size just right.

It can be a headache figuring out how many pizzas to get, especially if you’ve got folks with special diets. The key is to choose the right pizza size for your gang.

If people want their own little pizza, think about getting individual ones or cutting big ones into smaller pieces. But if everyone’s cool with sharing, go with medium or big pies.

Whatever you order, try to mix it up so there’s something for everyone. Maybe even ask ahead of time if anyone’s got any special needs, and you’ll be ready to make everyone happy at your feast!

How Many Slices Per Pizza?


I know, planning for 40 can seem like a maze. But there’s a way to figure out just how much pizza you need without starving anyone or having way too much.

When you’re thinking about how many slices per pizza, keep in mind the crust type and how much folks usually eat. A thin-crust large pizza might be 8 slices, while a deep-dish medium could be 12. Knowing what you’re getting makes it easier to know how many pizzas to grab.

And if everyone’s good with one slice, then 4 large pizzas should do it (8 x 4 = 32). But if they’re big eaters, then 5 or 6 would be better (12 slices x 5 = 60). That way, nobody feels short-changed, and you can keep any extras for later!

Doing the Pizza Math

So now it’s time to crunch the numbers and figure out how many pizzas you need for 40. It’s not easy since you’ve got to think about different diets, likes, and dislikes.

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Starting simple, if everyone’s eating three slices each, you’ll want thirteen large pizzas (40 people x 3 slices = 120 total slices).

But if you’ve got folks needing vegan or gluten-free, you might need to tweak the numbers. And remember, not everyone might eat the same amount, so play it by ear!

Ordering a couple extra is always a good move, just in case. If someone wants more, or if a latecomer shows up, they won’t be left out.

Thinking about all these things will help make sure everyone heads home happy and full.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Preheat The Oven Before Baking The Pizzas?

When it comes to warming up your oven for baking pizzas, the time you need depends on the kind of pizza you’re cooking up.

For thin-crust or deep dish types, warming up the oven for 10 minutes ought to be enough.

But if you’re working with dough recipes that need a lot of time to rise and have tricky portioning sizes, then you’ll wanna make sure to give your oven at least 15-20 minutes to get hot before tossing in the pizzas.

That way, you can make sure your pizzas turn out super crispy!

Is It A Good Deal To Make My Own Pizzas From Scratch?


Whipping up your own pizzas from scratch can be a good deal, especially if you’re feeding a big crowd like 40 people.

You’ll have to shell out some cash for the dough and topping stuff, but it’s totally worth it!

If you look around on the internet, you’ll find loads of simple recipes that won’t clean out your wallet.

Plus, with homemade pizza, you get to choose all your fave toppings – and that’s always a blast!

What’s The Best Way To Keep The Pizzas Hot For Serving?

If you’ve gotta feed pizzas to 40 folks, the top way to keep them warm is by using those heating tray things.

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This keeps your pizza at the perfect temperature so when you serve it, each slice will taste as hot and yummy as if it just came out of the oven.

You can also warm slices in a microwave or a regular oven if you have to, but this might make ’em dry or not taste as good.

How Many People Can A Single Pizza Usually Feed?

Well, it all depends on the size of the pizza you’re dishing up, but one pizza usually feeds about 4-6 folks.

The dough-making and topping-picking play a big part in how many mouths one pizza can feed.

Thin crusts with fewer toppings usually mean more slices from one pizza, while thick crusts with heaps of toppings make for bigger pieces that’ll feed fewer folks.

What’s The Average Cost Of Ordering Pizzas For 40 People?

When you’re getting pizzas for 40 people, you gotta think about the money.

Typical serving sizes and the type and size of the pizza you choose will change the price.

Like, a normal large 18-inch cheese or pepperoni pizza has eight pieces and feeds up to four folks.

So if you’re feeding 40, you’ll need at least 10 whole pizzas – plus any extra toppings you want.

Prices can go from $15-$30 per big pizza depending on where you live and what you add, so the total price could be anywhere from $150 to $300 just for the pizzas.


So, if you’re planning to feed 40 people with pizzas, there are some things you’ve gotta think about.

First, get your oven hot before baking the pizzas so they cook all nice and even.

Next, figure out if making ’em from scratch or ordering ’em is gonna be cheaper.

Last, work out how to keep the pizzas warm while you’re serving them so everyone digs in.

With these ideas, I’m sure my pizza bash will be a total hit!