How Much Is A Mexican Pizza At Taco Bell

Hey everyone, I’m sure many of you have asked yourself this question – how much is a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?

Well, don’t worry. I’m here to help and provide some answers.

I’ve been eating Taco Bell for years now so it’s safe to say that I know my way around the menu pretty well!

So let me tell you what I know about the cost of a Mexican Pizza and why it might be worth your money.

What Is A Mexican Pizza?

I’m a big fan of Taco Bell, and one of my all-time favorite menu items is the Mexican Pizza.

It’s made with traditional ingredients like refried beans, tomatoes, and cheese, sandwiched between two layers of crispy flatbread.

Plus it comes topped with creamy guacamole and zesty red sauce – yum!

Every bite is filled with bold flavors that are so unique to Taco Bell recipes.

The best part about the Mexican Pizza? The price tag.

At just $2.99 for an individual pizza or $5.98 for two of them, you won’t break the bank on your next Taco Bell run.

And if you’re looking to feed more than one person in your family, you can order up to five pizzas at once for only $14.95 – now that’s what I call a bargain!

So when you’re craving something delicious from Taco Bell, give the Mexican Pizza a try – it’ll satisfy your hunger without draining your wallet!

What Ingredients Does It Have?

The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is really something special. It packs a spicy kick, with plenty of melted cheese and seasoned beef all topped with crunchy red stripes and creamy refried beans. Plus, it’s served up in a generous portion size that will leave you feeling stuffed!

All this for just under five dollars – what a bargain! The combination of flavors and textures makes the Mexican Pizza an irresistible meal option when you’re looking for something quick but satisfying. Whether you need to grab lunch on the go or want to have dinner at home, this dish has got you covered.

So if you’re in the mood for some serious flavor, look no further than the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell!

How Much Does It Cost?

I recently went to Taco Bell and wanted to try the Mexican Pizza. I was curious about how much it cost, so I decided to do some research.

From what I found, a single serving of the Mexican Pizza costs around $3.89 for take out orders at most locations.

The portion sizes vary depending on location but generally each pizza contains two layers with six slices in total.

This is enough for one person or maybe two if you’re feeling generous!

Overall, while the price might seem a little high compared to other items on the menu, the Mexican Pizza is definitely worth trying and satisfies my cravings every time!

Is It Worth The Price?

I’m a big fan of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizzas, so I was excited to hear they added them to the menu. The good news is that they’re not too expensive – just $3.49 each! That said, it’s important to consider what you get for your money.

The taste reviews of this item are generally positive; most people seem to like the combination of beef, nacho cheese sauce and refried beans on top of two crunchy corn shells. Plus, you can customize it with whatever toppings you want from their list of extras.

But when it comes to portion sizes, some customers have complained about feeling ripped off because the pizzas don’t really look as large as expected.

All in all, this is an affordable option if you’re looking for something tasty but don’t need a huge meal. It might be worth checking out if you haven’t tried one yet – just make sure you know what size you’re getting before paying up at the counter!

Where Can I Find It?

I’m always excited when I get to order a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell! Whether you’re looking for an indulgent dinner or just want to treat yourself, this dish is sure to hit the spot.

But how do you actually go about getting one? Let me show you how to order and customize your own Mexican Pizza with all the options available.

When ordering at Taco Bell, simply ask for a Mexican Pizza in either crunchy or soft tortilla shell – whichever suits your fancy. You can also decide what kind of toppings you’d like on yours; choose between seasoned beef, refried beans, tomatoes and lettuce as well as sour cream and guacamole.

If spice isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of milder options too that will tantalize your taste buds without leaving you sweating bullets! And if it’s extra cheesy goodness you crave, definitely opt for the addition of nacho cheese sauce on top.

So why not give Taco Bell’s delicious Mexican Pizza a try today? With so many customizable options available, everyone can find something they’ll love – plus it won’t break the bank either!

So go ahead and indulge yourself with this tasty treat – it might be exactly what you need after a long day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Mexican Pizza Vegetarian?

Is the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell vegetarian?

Unfortunately, no. The pizza comes with a beef topping and nacho cheese sauce which makes it unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians. However, you can ask for vegan substitutions like black beans instead of beef and Daiya cheese instead of nacho cheese to get a delicious flavor combination that is also suitable for vegetarians.

Does The Mexican Pizza Come With Sides?

The Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell is a delicious combination of refried beans, seasoned beef or chicken, diced onions and tomatoes, three cheese blend, crispy tostada shells and flavorful red sauce.

You can customize your order by adding extra fillings like sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos or avocado ranch.

It doesn’t come with any sides but you’re sure to enjoy the flavors in every bite!

Is The Mexican Pizza Spicy?

Yes, the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is spicy!

It’s made with two crunchy flatbreads and a combination of two different types of tortillas. To make it even spicier, it’s topped with refried beans, seasoned beef, creamy jalapeno sauce, and plenty of cheese.

You can also customize your Mexican Pizza by adding some delicious vegetable toppings like tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, or black olives.

So why not give this fiery dish a try?

Does The Mexican Pizza Come With A Drink?

Yes, the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell comes with a drink! It’s part of their meal combinations, so you can get it as part of your order.

Not only do you get the delicious Mexican Pizza that has all sorts of tasty ingredient options, but also a refreshing drink to wash it down with.

Meal combos are always a great deal and this one is no exception – making sure you have plenty to eat and something to quench your thirst.

Is The Mexican Pizza Available For Delivery?

Yes, the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is available for delivery!

With a quick ordering process and ample portion size, this pizza can be yours in no time.

Just visit their website or app to place your order with ease – it’s that simple!


In conclusion, the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is a delicious and filling meal. It’s not too spicy, making it accessible to all kinds of eaters. The pizza itself doesn’t come with any sides or drinks, so you’ll have to order those separately if desired.

Overall, the Mexican Pizza is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, and it costs only $5.49 – quite affordable!

If you’re looking for something different than your typical fast food fare, why not try out Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza? You won’t regret it – I promise!