How Much Is Blaze Pizza

Hey there! I’m sure you’ve heard of Blaze Pizza, the fast-fired pizza chain that’s been popping up across the country. But have you ever wondered just how much a pie from this place costs? Well, in this article, we’ll be getting into all the details about what kind of prices to expect at Blaze Pizza and other related information. Read on to find out more!

No matter where you live or what your budget is like, it’s always nice to know exactly how much something will cost before making the purchase. That’s why understanding Blaze Pizza’s pricing structure is such an important part of deciding whether or not to give them a go.

We’ll break down all their prices so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Blaze Pizza’s Menu

I’m a huge fan of Blaze Pizza and their unique menu options. They offer an extensive list of toppings to choose from, including seasonal options that change throughout the year. Recently, they added vegan items as well for those looking for plant-based alternatives.

The pizzas at Blaze are customizable with over 40 topping choices! I love trying out different combinations and experimenting with flavors. The employees are always friendly and accommodating, and help me pick out the best ingredients based on my taste preferences.

And if I can’t decide what kind of pizza to get, they also have signature pies like the Art Lover that come pre-made with deliciousness already packed in!

No matter which type of pie you go for – custom or one of the house specialties – all of them bake up quickly due to high-tech ovens that ensure your food is hot and ready fast.

Plus it’s affordable too; prices start at just $8.95, so why not give it a try today?

Pricing By Size Of Pizza

I’m sure you’re drooling just thinking about getting your hands on a delicious Blaze Pizza. But before you go chowing down, let’s take a look at the portion sizes and crust options available to you.

Blaze offers personal-sized pizzas that are perfect for one hungry stomach or two if you plan on sharing. You can also get medium-sized pies which feed up to four people, and large ones feeding up to five.

On top of that, they have plenty of signature and build-your-own pizza combinations so there is something for everyone!

No matter what size pizza you choose, all their doughs come with an array of savory sauce choices like classic red sauce, spicy buffalo ranch, BBQ glaze, garlic pesto, olive oil & sea salt – yum!

And every order comes with unlimited toppings so feel free to load it up as much as you’d like without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to satisfy those cravings with some mouthwatering goodness from Blaze Pizza now!

Specialty Pizza Prices

I’m really curious about what specialty pizzas cost, especially at places like Blaze Pizza.

Do they have signature pizzas with set prices, or do you have to create your own custom pizza?

That could make a big difference in the final cost.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with ordering specialty pizzas from Blaze Pizza, and how much it ended up costing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Signature Pizzas

When it comes to specialty pizza prices, Blaze Pizza is definitely worth the dough. Their signature pizzas come with a variety of delicious topping combinations and you can customize your own favorite for just $8.45!

Not only are their dough recipes made from scratch every day, but they also offer gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy the perfect pie.

Plus, once you’ve had your fill of one type of pizza, you can try something new like the White Top or Red Vine for a different flavor experience – no extra cost!

So whether you’re looking for classic favorites or unique gourmet pies, Blaze has something to satisfy all cravings without breaking the bank.

Custom Pizzas

When it comes to customizing your pizza, Blaze Pizza certainly delivers. You can choose from a variety of toppings and sauces to create your own personal masterpiece without breaking the bank. Plus, you don’t have to compromise on food quality either – their dough recipes are made fresh daily and they even offer gluten-free options!

What’s more is that Blaze offers an array of unique topping combinations for those looking for something different. Whether you’re in the mood for classic favorites or adventurous gourmet pies, there’s definitely something here to tantalize taste buds.

And with all these incredible custom toppings available at no extra cost, why not give yourself free reign over building the perfect pie?

So if you’re ready to enjoy a unique flavor experience while keeping within budget, then head on down to Blaze Pizza today!

Additional Charges And Upgrades

Moving on from specialty pizza prices, let’s talk about additional charges and upgrades.

Depending on the size of your order, Blaze Pizza may also charge you a delivery fee or a take-out fee. Delivery fees are generally higher than pick up options, but they can be worth it if you need to get your food quickly!

If you need to feed a large group of people at an event, Blaze Pizza has catering costs available as well that could save you time and money in the long run. The cost varies depending on how much food is ordered, which makes sense considering there are so many delicious items to choose from.

No matter what kind of ordering option you prefer – whether it’s delivery, take out or catering – Blaze Pizza has something for everyone. They offer plenty of customizable options with specialty pizzas as well as sides such as salads and desserts like s’mores pies.

With all these amazing choices, it’s no wonder why this pizza joint is becoming increasingly popular among both families and friends alike! Whatever you decide to do when ordering from Blaze Pizza, rest assured that it will be a tasty experience for everyone involved. From fresh ingredients used in their recipes to convenient ordering methods such as online pickup and delivery – this restaurant provides nothing short of excellence!

Deals And Special Offers

I’m a big fan of Blaze Pizza. From the delicious crusts and sauces to the amazing variety of toppings, there’s something for everyone! Plus, they’ve got some great deals and special offers that make it even more worth your while.

Whether you’re looking for discounts codes or catering options, Blaze Pizza has you covered. When ordering online, I always take advantage of their rewards program. You earn points with every purchase – which can be used towards free pizza! And if you sign up for their email newsletter, you’ll get exclusive offers like two-for-one pizzas on certain days.

This is an awesome way to save money when feeding a crowd because one large pie usually feeds 3-4 people. Not only do they offer delicious food at reasonable prices but they also have excellent customer service. The staff are always friendly and helpful and my order is always ready quickly.

All in all, Blaze Pizza is definitely a place I would recommend checking out – especially if you’re looking for a tasty meal without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blaze Pizza Offer Delivery?

Yes, Blaze Pizza offers delivery and various pick up options.

You can order online directly from the restaurant’s website or use a third-party service like DoorDash to have your pizza delivered right to your door.

There are also pickup options available if you’d prefer to pick it up yourself.

Pickup orders can be placed in advance through their app, so you don’t have to wait at the store when you arrive — just grab your meal and go!

Is There A Loyalty Program Offered At Blaze Pizza?

Yes, Blaze Pizza does offer a loyalty program! Customers can join their ‘Blaze Rewards’ program to start earning points with every visit.

Members of the rewards program receive emails and texts with exclusive offers, as well as access to great franchise opportunities. As you continue to accumulate points, you will unlock larger rewards like free pizzas and other special treats.

With so many rewards available through this loyalty program, it’s definitely worth signing up for if you’re a regular customer.

Is There A Minimum Order Requirement To Order From Blaze Pizza?

Yes, there is a minimum order requirement to place an order with Blaze Pizza.

To make ordering easier and more convenient for everyone, they have set the minimum at just $8.

However, if you’re looking for discounts offered or menu variety, then this may be worth checking out because it might be possible to get your order fulfilled within that budget.

Are There Gluten-Free Options Available At Blaze Pizza?

Yes, there are gluten-free options available at Blaze Pizza!

With dietary needs and allergen awareness in mind, Blaze Pizza offers a variety of gluten-free crusts, including their signature dough.

They also offer vegan cheese, so you can customize your pizza to fit your personal preferences.

There’s something for everyone at Blaze Pizza!

Does Blaze Pizza Offer Catering Services?

Yes, Blaze Pizza does offer catering services!

And their menu customization options are perfect for any type of event or occasion.

You can even join the loyalty rewards program and get discounts on your large orders. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive offers and promotions throughout the year.

So why not let Blaze Pizza cater your next party?

It’s an easy way to make sure everyone enjoys delicious pizza without having to worry about cooking it yourself.


Overall, Blaze Pizza offers a unique and delicious pizza experience.

With delivery options available and loyalty programs to join, you can easily get your favorite pizzas delivered right to your door.

Not only that, but they offer gluten-free options as well as catering services for events.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy some great pizza without the hassle of cooking it yourself, then Blaze Pizza is definitely worth considering!