How Much Is Pizza Inn Buffet

Pizza Inn is one of the most popular destinations for pizza lovers. From their delicious original recipe pizzas, to their famous all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s easy to see why so many people love dining at Pizza Inn.

In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at how much you can expect to pay for the Pizza Inn buffet. I’ve visited my local Pizza Inn several times over the years and have always been impressed with both the quality of food they offer and their great prices!

So if you’re wondering what kind of value you’ll get from visiting the Pizza Inn buffet, then read on as I cover everything you need to know about pricing options and more.

Price Variations Based On Location

I love Pizza Inn buffet! It’s always a great option for when I want to treat myself and my family to some delicious food.

Prices vary depending on the location of the restaurant, but usually range from $7-15 per person.

Plus, they offer take out options if you don’t feel like sitting down at the restaurant itself. And they also provide catering services so that you can have your favorite pizza dishes delivered right to your door – perfect for parties or special occasions!

So no matter what type of event you’re planning, Pizza Inn has got you covered.

Special Deals And Promotions

I’m always looking for ways to save money when ordering pizza, so I’m always on the lookout for special deals and promotions.

I love when restaurants offer discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, and free pizza as part of their promotions.

Birthday deals, group deals, early bird deals, and promotional events are also great ways to save money.

Finally, I’m always interested in fundraisers, bulk orders, holiday deals, buy one get one free deals, meal deals, and kids eat free offers.

Special Offers

At Pizza Inn, we know that our customers love a great deal. That’s why we offer lots of special offers for both dine-in and take-out orders.

Our buffet is one of the best around, so be sure to stop by and get your fill!

We have daily specials on different combinations of pizzas, pastas, salads and more.

Plus, if you’re looking for catering services or takeaway options, there are plenty of deals available too.

Whether it’s lunchtime with friends or dinner at home with family, Pizza Inn has you covered with unbeatable discounts and savings across all our menus – don’t miss out!


When it comes to discounts, Pizza Inn has some great options.

Our buffet sizes are perfect for large groups and gatherings of friends; we offer extra-large catering options too – so you can get the party started!

And if you’re looking for a takeaway meal or something special to enjoy at home with family, there’s plenty of savings on our menus.

You won’t find a better deal anywhere else – trust us!

So don’t miss out on all the amazing offers from Pizza Inn – come by and grab your slice of deliciousness today!

Dining Options For Kids

At Pizza Inn, we understand that kids have unique dining needs. That’s why we offer meal plans specifically for them! Our kid-friendly meals come in smaller portion sizes to make sure they get enough food without overeating. Plus, parents can rest easy knowing their little ones are getting a healthy and delicious meal with every visit.

Our kid-friendly menu includes classic pizza options like cheese, pepperoni, and veggie pizzas as well as other favorites such as macaroni & cheese bites and chicken strips.

We also feature a variety of sides including carrots and celery sticks, apple slices, broccoli florets, and more. And don’t forget the dessert – our cinnamon breadsticks will satisfy any sweet tooth!

We strive to make eating at Pizza Inn an enjoyable experience for both children and adults alike by offering family-style seating areas where everyone can gather together.

So bring your whole crew down to enjoy a great-tasting Italian feast – you won’t regret it!

Beverage Selections

At Pizza Inn, we understand that everyone has different preferences and needs. That’s why we offer a variety of services to suit all kinds of customers.

For those looking for a low-cost option, our buffet is the perfect choice – it allows you to sample as much pizza as your heart desires!

Plus, if you’re short on time or don’t feel like dining in, we also have take out options available so you can enjoy your meal from the comfort of home.

And if you need something special for an event or gathering, our catering services are sure to make it memorable. From small gatherings to big parties, whatever your occasion may be, Pizza Inn is ready with delicious pizzas at affordable prices.

Toppings And Additional Costs

I’m a big fan of Pizza Inn’s buffet, and it’s always so exciting to see what kind of creative combinations they have available.

The variety is usually quite impressive and with the option for custom orders, you can really make your own meal exactly how you like it.

One great thing about their buffet is that there are options for everyone – whether you’re vegan or gluten-free, looking for something light or hearty; they’ve got it!

Prices vary depending on where you go, but in general they offer great value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Waitlist For Pizza Inn Buffet?

No, there is no waitlist for Pizza Inn buffet.

However, they do offer takeout options and delivery services that you can utilize if you don’t want to dine-in or have a large order.

The menu consists of an array of delicious items from classic pizzas to fresh salads, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Is There A Dress Code For Pizza Inn Buffet?

Yes, there is a dress code for Pizza Inn Buffet.

Casual attire such as jeans and t-shirts are acceptable but no shorts, sandals or hats are allowed.

There aren’t any price limits at the buffet either; you can get as much food as you’d like!

In terms of serving sizes, their dinner plate comes with two meats and three veggie sides.

So if you’re looking to have an enjoyable meal without having to worry about your clothing choice, then head on over to Pizza Inn Buffet!

Are Reservations Accepted For Pizza Inn Buffet?

Yes, you can make reservations at Pizza Inn Buffet!

Not only that, but they also offer takeout options. So if you’re in a rush or don’t feel like dining out, you can still enjoy their delicious food at home.

Plus, they have plenty of discounts available that you won’t want to miss!

What Safety Protocols Are In Place For Pizza Inn Buffet?

At Pizza Inn Buffet, we take food hygiene and sanitization very seriously. We employ strict protocols to ensure that all of our customers enjoy their meals in a safe and clean environment.

Our staff wear masks and gloves at all times to maintain the highest standards of food sanitation. All surfaces are regularly disinfected throughout the day, including tables and chairs, as well as door handles and other frequently-touched items.

Furthermore, all utensils used for serving are thoroughly washed after each use. It’s important to us that you feel confident when coming into our restaurant; safety is always our top priority!

Is There A Maximum Time Limit For Dining At Pizza Inn Buffet?

Yes, there is a maximum time limit for dining at Pizza Inn Buffet.

Cost structure and payment options vary depending on your location, but most buffets have an hour-and-a half maximum.

This ensures everyone has enough time to enjoy the buffet without taking too long, so that other customers can come in and get their fill as well!


At Pizza Inn Buffet, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat pizza feast without worrying about a waitlist or having to adhere to a dress code.

Reservations are accepted and your safety is their top priority with enhanced protocols in place for social distancing.

Plus, there’s no need to rush; you can relax and stay as long as you like!

So come on down today and get ready for some deliciousness that won’t break the bank.

You’ll be glad you did!