How Much Is The Big Box At Pizza Hut

Hey everyone, have you ever wanted to know more about the Big Box at Pizza Hut? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article I’m going to tell you all about it.

The Big Box is a great deal offered by Pizza Hut that includes two medium pizzas with up to three toppings each, plus five breadsticks and an order of marinara dipping sauce. It’s a convenient way for families or large groups of people to get their favorite pizza in one package.

So how much does it cost? Keep reading to find out!

What’s In The Big Box?

Pizza Hut’s Big Box is a great deal for anyone looking for large servings of pizza. It comes with two medium one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks and 10 cinnamon sticks – all for just $19.99! That’s an amazing price considering the generous serving sizes. Plus, you can choose from a range of toppings to customize your meal.

The Big Box is perfect if you’re having friends or family over and need something that will feed everyone without breaking the bank. You get enough food to easily feed four people – six if they have smaller appetites – so it’s ideal for larger groups as well.

And since each topping costs extra, you can save money by sticking to just one type of pizza. If you’re in the mood for some delicious pizza with plenty of leftovers, then Pizza Hut’s Big Box is definitely worth checking out! With its unbeatable pricing and generous servings, it makes feeding any size group easy and affordable.

What Size Pizzas Does The Big Box Include?

Pizza Hut’s Big Box is a great way to get lots of delicious pizza for your whole family. It includes two medium one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks with marinara sauce and 10 cinnamon sticks with icing. That’s enough food to feed the entire family!

But what kind of dough types and sauce options can you choose from?

The Big Box offers both original pan pizza or classic hand tossed crusts. You can also choose between traditional red sauces like marinara or garlic Parmesan, as well as white sauces like alfredo, creamy garlic parmesan, and BBQ ranch. There are even gluten-free options available if needed.

And whatever type of topping you want – from pepperoni to pineapple – Pizza Hut has it all!

So why not give Pizza Hut’s Big Box a try today? With so many different choices in dough types, sauces, and toppings, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having leftovers since this box comes with plenty of food for the whole gang!

What Toppings Can I Choose?

When it comes to the toppings, Pizza Hut’s Big Box has you covered. With three delicious crust choices available – regular hand-tossed, thin ‘N crispy and Pan pizza – you can tailor your meal according to your own preferences.

Plus, choose from a variety of mouthwatering sauce flavors like garlic Parmesan, honey BBQ or classic marinara! The topping selection is just as impressive; opt for traditional favorites like pepperoni, mushrooms and olives or mix it up with pineapple, jalapeños and bacon bits.

To make sure that everyone in the family gets their favorite combination, why not create four different half-and-half pizzas? You’ll be able to try an array of tasty topping combinations without having to commit to one flavor.

With so many options available at Pizza Hut’s Big Box, you can satisfy all cravings on one plate. Enjoy your favorite slices together – no matter how varied they may be!

What Are The Additional Items Included?

I’m sure you’ve seen the big box at Pizza Hut. It’s a large pizza, with ample portion sizing and plenty of side options available! You can choose from any combination of starters, sides and desserts for a great meal experience.

When it comes to the main course, the big box offers two pizzas in one – giving you double the topping choices! You also get other side items such as garlic bread, cheesy bites or potato wedges – all served up fresh and hot.

And don’t forget about dessert; brownies, cookies or even ice cream are just some of your sweet treat options.

The big box is certainly an impressive option that will satisfy multiple cravings in one go. Whether you’re after a simple slice of pizza or looking to try something new like mozzarella sticks, there’s something for everyone on this menu. So why not give it a go?

How Much Does The Big Box Cost?

Great question! Pizza Hut offers a variety of pizza sizes and topping options. But you’re probably wondering about the cost for the Big Box.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s an affordable option with plenty of yummy food.

The Big Box includes two medium one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce, and ten cinnamon sticks with icing for only $19.99 plus tax in most locations.

That’s enough food to feed four people or have leftovers for later!

Plus, if you choose wisely from the list of available toppings at Pizza Hut, this meal can be quite delicious as well as economical.

If you want something more than just basic pepperoni on your pizza but don’t want to break the bank, then the Big Box is definitely worth considering.

You get two complete meals without having to sacrifice quality or taste – all while keeping your budget intact!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Big Box Come With Drinks?

Yes, the big box at Pizza Hut does come with drinks!

However, the portion size of your meal will depend on which deal you choose.

You can get a large pizza and two sides for one price, or even add in an extra side or drink to complete your meal.

The good news is that there are plenty of meal deals available so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs!

Does The Big Box Come With Sides?

The Big Box from Pizza Hut comes with a variety of size options, ranging from small to large. Depending on the size you choose, prices range from $9.99 to $19.99.

As for sides, unfortunately the Big Box does not come with any included items – however this gives you the freedom to customize your order and pick out exactly what sides you want!

Can I Customize The Pizzas In The Big Box?

Yes, you can customize the pizzas in Pizza Hut’s Big Box!

You have the option to choose from a variety of add ons and toppings. Whether you’re looking for something simple like extra cheese or want to get adventurous with pineapple, jalapenos and more, there are plenty of options available to make your pizza just right!

Is The Big Box Available For Delivery?

Yes, the Pizza Hut Big Box is available for delivery!

And it’s perfect for those days when you don’t want to brave freezing temperatures just for dinner.

Plus, with portion sizes that can feed up to four people, everyone in your family will be happy and full.

So why not order a big box today?

Is The Big Box Available For Pick-Up?

Yes, the big box from Pizza Hut is available for pick-up.

You can check out their website to find prices and special offers that may be applicable to your order.

The big box comes with a variety of items such as pizza, wings and sides so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!


The Big Box from Pizza Hut is a great value for those who are looking to feed a large group without breaking the bank.

With its customizable pizzas, delicious sides, and drinks included in the price, it’s hard to beat!

Whether you choose delivery or pick-up, you can rest assured that your order will be fresh and ready when you need it.

So if you’re planning an event or just want a big meal for the family, don’t forget about the Big Box from Pizza Hut – it won’t disappoint!