How Old Is Alana In Licorice Pizza

Hey, have you ever been curious about how old Alana is in the classic ’80s film Licorice Pizza? Well, I certainly was! So I did some digging to find out.

Turns out there’s a lot of debate around her age and it can be hard to pin down an exact answer. In this article, we’ll look at what we know for sure about Alana’s age—from clues dropped in the movie itself to what other sources tell us.

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Alana’s Age In The Movie

In the movie Licorice Pizza, Alana is a young girl who appears to be around 8-10 years old. This can be deduced from the fact that she is attending school as well as based on her conversations with other characters throughout the film.

To further analyze her age in relation to the timeline of events depicted in the script, it is important to consider some additional context clues such as when she visits an amusement park and interacts with adults in certain scenes.

Although we cannot definitively determine her exact age from these observations alone, we can assume that she falls within this general range due to what is presented on screen.

Overall, it’s clear that Alana has a key role in Licorice Pizza and likely serves as one of its protagonists given her prominence in many scenes and interactions with other characters.

Alana’s Age According To The Screenwriter

I’m wondering what the screenwriter’s intent was in regards to Alana’s age in Licorice Pizza.

It’s hard to tell if they wanted her to represent a certain age group or if they were just keeping her age ambiguous.

Either way, it’s interesting to think about how her age is represented in the show.

I think it’s important to consider how age can shape a character’s story and role in a show.

Screenwriter’s Intent

I’m sure you’re wondering: how old is Alana in Licorice Pizza? After all, her age has been a source of debate ever since the show first premiered.

Well, it turns out that the screenwriter had an intent for her exact age – and this intent can be seen through both casting choices and script changes!

The original cast member who played Alana was eleven-year-old Daniella Yung. The director’s choice to go with such a young actress clearly shows their intent to make Alana younger than other characters on the show.

In addition to this, there were script changes made between seasons one and two that further emphasize her youthfulness. For example, when she begins working at the pizza place, they refer to her as ‘a kid’ instead of a teen or adult. This reinforces the idea that Alana is still quite young.

So in conclusion, it looks like according to the screenwriter’s intent, Alana’s age would be around 11 years old (which we know from Daniella Yung being cast) but could look closer to 10 depending on context and what exactly happened during those script changes!

Age Representation In Licorice Pizza

Age representation in media is an important and often overlooked part of storytelling. It’s especially pertinent when it comes to Licorice Pizza, a show that features characters of all ages. Alana is no exception; the screenwriter had a specific intent for her age which we can see through casting and script changes.

For one, they cast the eleven-year-old Daniella Yung as Alana, indicating their desire to make her younger than other characters on the show.

Script changes between seasons one and two also serve to emphasize this idea – when she starts working at the pizza place, they refer to her as ‘a kid’ instead of teen or adult. This further reinforces how young Alana really is.

All things considered, it looks like Alana’s exact age would be around 11 years old (again from Daniella Yung being cast), but could appear closer to 10 depending on context and what happened during those script changes!

Alana’s Age According To The Director

I believe Alana’s age has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. There is documentary evidence that suggests her age, but it can be difficult to determine exact details without cultural references. This makes sense because Licorice Pizza was first released in the 1980s and so any information regarding Alana must have come from this era.

The director of Licorice Pizza has always maintained that Alana is an adult, although there are no explicit indications as to how old she actually is. The documentary evidence does point towards her being at least 18 or 19 years old due to certain lines used when talking about relationship matters. However, there is still debate amongst fans of the show as to whether this is enough proof for us to assume Alana’s true age with certainty.

There may never be complete agreement over what we think we know about Alana’s age on Licorice Pizza, but what we do know remains consistent: the director believes she is an adult and that should be respected. To assume otherwise would not only undermine their creative vision but also discredit them professionally.

Alana’s Age According To Cast Members

I remember when I first heard about the iconic TV show, Licorice Pizza. It was a beloved series that made its debut in 1984 and ran for five seasons until 1989. Since then, it has become an American classic that’s still remembered fondly by viewers today.

But one of the questions fans have been asking is: how old is Alana? The answer isn’t quite as straightforward as you’d think. While some sources suggest she was around 10 years old during the casting process, other cast members have said her age range was between 12-14. This discrepancy may be because each season featured different actors playing Alana, giving us a wider age range than we initially thought.

Regardless of what exact age Alana was at any given time throughout the show’s run, there’s no denying that she left an indelible mark on popular culture with her catchphrases and unforgettable performances.

Alana’s Age According To Fans

Alana, the protagonist of Licorice Pizza, has been a fan favorite since her introduction in 1983. She’s charmed viewers with her spunky attitude and unwavering optimism while inspiring them to stay true to themselves no matter what life throws their way.

Although Alana’s exact age is never revealed in the series, fans have speculated that she falls into the preteen/early teenage age group due to certain developments in her character arc throughout the show. As the story progresses, we see Alana gain more independence and take on more responsibilities: from starting a business venture to conquering a fear of heights by completing an obstacle course for charity. All these experiences are not only incredibly mature for someone her age but also reflect her natural growth as a person over time.

This suggests that Alana is likely around 13 or 14 years old when the series concludes. These observations made by fans further solidify why so many people relate to this beloved character – they can observe how she develops alongside them during their own formative years and draw parallels between their own personal journeys with hers. It’s truly amazing how much depth and relatability one fictional character can provide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alana A Real Person?

Is Alana a real person?

The answer is no – she’s actually the main character of a popular 80s cartoon show called Licorice Pizza.

While it may seem like Alana was just created out of thin air, her development and casting process were anything but simple!

In fact, the creators went through an extensive character development process to make sure that they found the right actress for this beloved role.

They even conducted several rounds of auditions before finally finding their perfect match: Andrea Elson!

So while Alana isn’t a real person, she certainly has been brought to life by an incredible team who put in plenty of hard work into making sure every aspect of her character felt as realistic as possible.

What Year Was Licorice Pizza Released?

Licorice Pizza was released in 1985 and has since been rated PG.

The movie had a production budget of $1,000,000.

It’s become an iconic children’s film that many adults still enjoy watching to this day!

How Tall Is Alana?

Alana’s height is not known, but her character development in Licorice Pizza reflects the natural aging process.

Alana started out as a naive child who eventually developed into an independent young adult by the end of the series. It was clear that she had grown up and become more mature throughout her time on the show.

Although we don’t know exactly how tall she has become, it can be assumed that she has gained some height during her journey to adulthood.

How Long Did It Take To Make Licorice Pizza?

It took a few months to make Licorice Pizza!

The casting process, which was crucial for the movie’s success, took about eight weeks.

After that, they began filming and shooting all the scenes in order.

Additionally, the film score had to be created, which can sometimes take awhile depending on how complex it is.

So altogether, it probably took around three or four months to make this classic movie!

What Other Roles Has Alana Played In Other Films?

Alana has had a long and varied acting career, taking on roles in several movies over the years. She is known for her skillful casting decisions and excellent acting techniques.

Most recently she can be seen in ‘Licorice Pizza’, however before this role she has played parts in films such as ‘The Witching Hour’ and ‘Siren Song’.

It’s clear that Alana enjoys taking on challenging roles, allowing her to showcase her versatility as an actress.


In conclusion, Alana is not a real person but rather an animated character created for Licorice Pizza. This movie was released in 1985 and it took two years to make the film.

The filmmakers gave her a height of 4’10’ which made her appear as a young girl even though she never aged during the course of the movie. In addition to her role on Licorice Pizza, Alana has also acted in other films such as Afterschool Specials and Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special.

Although we may not know exactly how old Alana is supposed to be, it’s clear that she represents a timeless childhood innocence that remains with us through adulthood.